Life Legacy Consultation

  • Professional guidance throughout Life Legacy creation process.
  • Direction and encouragement before and during Life Legacy Interviews.
  • Technology and writing “coaching” for those working on an independent project.
  • In person, by telephone, video conference, or email.

Life Legacy Interview

  • Approximately 45 minutes of Consultation and 45 minutes of audio and/or video recording.
  • In person, by telephone, or video conference.
  • Client receives all digital files created during the Interview, including audio recordings, video recordings, and images.

Life Legacy Transcription

  • Changing an audio recording into a text version, with light editing as appropriate.
  • Can be made from recordings of Life Legacy Interviews or from independent recordings of acceptable quality.

Life Legacy Image Scanning

  • Changing heirloom pictures, letters, or papers into digital format, with light editing as appropriate

Life Legacy Editing and Design

  • Transcript editing, such as changing text into autobiographical, biographical, or chronological styles
  • Audio and/or video recording editing
  • Editing of digital image files
  • Digital design, such as creating an image of a family tree
  • Book design and/or movie creation

Life Legacy Packages

  • Combinations of Services specially designed to produce a professional Life Legacy Product.
  • Final Products include Interview Recordings in an Online Shareable Album, Printable Transcripts, Life Legacy Book, and Life Legacy Movie.
  • Book your complimentary consultation today to pick a Package that best serves your needs.


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