Life Legacy Tips: Defining Your Life Legacy Project

Some initial questions to ask that will help you define your Life Legacy Project:

  1. Why do you want to create this Life Legacy? The reasons for beginning a project are numerous and can range from sparking conversations with the grand kids to influencing future generations. Connecting with your own individual reasons early on will help throughout this journey.
  2. Who are you creating this for? On the day you unveil your Life Legacy, think about who will be in attendance. This can help you determine both what it may contain and how you would like it presented. You may even choose to have two “versions,” such as one to present to extended family and friends, and one that is perhaps more detailed and shared with a select few.
  3. What is your ideal timeline? Decide when you would like to have the final result. Do you intend to give this at a special event such as a birthday or anniversary? Is the subject in declining health? Take these factors into account when deciding your Life Legacy timeline. Then set clear goals for yourself or communicate your wishes to your personal historian.
  4. Where and how will interviews be recorded? Interviews are the most important part of any Life Legacy, because the content collected in them will actually determine the final result. Choose a quiet place where the subject is very comfortable. Choose a well-lighted place if the interviews will be video recorded. I recommend both audio and video recording, so that if later you decide that you want to create a movie instead of a book, or vice versa, you will have the flexibility to do so.
  5. What will your “final product” be? While it is not necessary to know what your Life Legacy will look like before you begin, it can be helpful to know your options and pick your preference. Print options include: transcript of interviews, edited manuscript, & Life Legacy Book with pictures. Digital options include: Online Shareable Album of recordings, Digital Presentation with music, & Life Legacy Movie with pictures.

These tips are written for both “DIY” types who wish to create their own or a loved one’s Life Legacy, as well as those who are considering the services of a professional personal historian.